New Drivers Are Paying Less For Their First Cars Than Previous Generations

Wed 4th Apr 2018

Britain’s newly qualified drivers are paying less for their first car than those purchasing cars 60 years ago, that’s according to a new study.

First-time-buyers spend on average £4,627 on their new motor, more than £1,300 less than their grandparents.

The research, conducted by CarGurus, reveals that in the 1950s, new drivers paid £5,800 for their new wheels, and that went up to £6,025 in the 1960s. Though drivers in the 1980s got the best deals on their first cars, paying on average £3,281, today’s generation are still making great savings.

The reason today’s generation pays less for their first car is due to many factors, but the key factor could be the wealth of options available to buyers. It’s certainly a buyers market and with cars now lasting longer than in previous decades there are bargains to be had. has a number of vehicles less than the average of £4,627, making the online marketplace an ideal place for first-time buyers. Our most affordable car currently on our virtual forecourt is a Ford Ka, a vehicle which the recent survey says is the most popular amongst first-time buyers.

Interestingly, Ford’s seem to have been a popular choice for first-time buys through the decades. The Fiesta was the most popular first timer over the last two decades, the Escort before it, whilst the Ford Anglia was the choice in the 1960s. The Mini was the first time buy of the 1970s.

James Drake, spokesman for CarGurus said: “We were surprised to find that new drivers today spend less on their first vehicle than their grandparents did.

"It would seem that the UK’s large used car market is helping first drivers to acquire more affordable vehicles, such as the Ford Ka, which is currently the number one first car of choice.

"While there is a growing trend for new cars amongst first-time buyers, probably because of finance deals, there remains a significant proportion of young people funding their first car purchase on their own."

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