New Drivers Are Scared To Drive Alone

Wed 26th Sep 2018

Newly passed car drivers are too afraid to venture out on the road on their own according to new research, with 70 per cent of new licence holders admitting the fear.

The research which has been conducted by Car Parts 4 Less found that some drivers have very little actual experience behind the wheel, the average driver only taking between 16-20 hours of lessons before passing their test. Only one in three drivers believes they are confident enough to drive alone immediately after passing their test.

Though most drivers take on average eight months to learn to drive, the research reveals that some learners may need to gain more confidence behind the wheel before driving alone. Some driving schools actually give additional lessons to newly passed drivers to help them learn to gain confidence, particularly on motorways with 31 per cent concerned about driving on the high speed roads.

One driving school, Red Driving, has come up with a plan of action to help anxious drivers overcome their fears. The plan includes planning your route ahead of your journey, preparing for all weathers, practising on quiet streets and of course taking extra lessons once the test has been passed.

Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School, said: “The fear of driving can seriously impede a person’s ability to function.

"Driving on your own having spent hours learning with an instructor in the left hand seat is without doubt a massive step, but it is for virtually everyone so you are not alone.

“If you find it challenging, you may need to step back and consider how to manage these anxieties.

"Confidence in our ability to do something comes from being competent, so I would recommend making short journeys during quiet times of the day to practice driving on your own.

"When setting out, visualise how the last trip went and consider what went well and what made you nervous."