New EV World Record Broken

Tue 23rd Aug 2022

Journalist Neil Win and photographer Doug Revolta have broken the world record for visiting the greatest number of countries in a single day using an electric car.

The What Car? duo calculated average charging times and driving speeds, and factored in traffic and border crossings in order to make it to 13 countries in 24 hours. However, they accomplished their goal of including Hungary in the final count—a total of 14 countries.

An unmodified Porsche Taycan (Performance Battery Plus) for the challenge required seven charge stops at ultra-rapid 350kW Ionity chargers across 1199 miles of 14 countries.

The pair drove the Taycan non-stop for 24 hours from the Netherlands to Serbia, traveling through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and Bosnia in that order.

In spite of being caught in rush hour traffic in Luxembourg and crossing a perilous border in Hungary, the two drivers managed to maintain an average speed of 61mph. The time spent driving through Croatia, which abuts Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, and Serbia, was the greatest (over four hours). Crossing Liechtenstein, a tiny principality, took only 10 minutes, in contrast.

What Car? estimated that they would drive as far as 13 countries in a 24-hour period, taking into account charging time and driving speed calculations, traffic conditions, and border crossings. However, they were able to count Hungary as one of their final destinations, resulting in a total of 14 countries.

“The European road trip has an electric future. Our epic journey has shown that the rise of electric cars doesn’t mean a mega-mile cross-continental holiday is off the cards,” said Winn, who is Deputy Reviews Editor for What Car?

“I knew before we set off that everything would need to go perfectly for us to achieve the initial goal of travelling through 13 countries in 24 hours. So you can imagine our surprise when we decided to do 14 because we were so far ahead of time.

“We believe this achievement is a world record. It’s impossible to get timed records officially verified on public roads, but during our research we didn’t find any documentation of other electric adventurers who have managed more countries in 24 hours.”