New Highway Code Targets Dangerous Cyclists

Sat 5th Feb 2022

The recently introduced changes to the Highway Code have attracted plenty of headlines and drawn criticism from many quarters, but while it looks like cyclists have been handed more freedoms, they are being warned that they too have responsibilities.

The so-called hierarchy of the road places more emphasis on the rights of pedestrians and cyclists on the road networks, with the new rules encouraging cyclists to drive in the centre of the road - which has already caused countless examples of road rage.

But cyclists too need to be more conscious of their road environment, as the hierarchy means that they need to take more care to look out for pedestrians, and the Department for Transport promising to punish dangerous cycling.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is looking at drafting new laws which will make it easier for cyclists to be prosecuted. Speaking to Auto Express this week, a DfT spokesperson said: “We have some of the safest roads in the world, but this Government is committed to making them even safer.

“We are exploring changes to allow us to prosecute dangerous cyclists more easily, and delivering more continuous and direct cycling routes in towns and cities, which are physically separated from pedestrians and motor traffic.”

Existing laws for cyclists can see prosecution for wanton and furious driving, and also a £1,000 fine handed to those who cycle while under the influence of drink and drugs.