New Homes Must Include Electric Car Charging Points Says Government

Mon 9th Jul 2018

The UK Government has introduced a wave of measures to speed up the move to electric vehicles, including forcing housing developers to install charging points in new homes.

The Road to Zero strategy which aims to cut emissions completely by 2040 could also see adding thousands of park-and-charge spaces to the country’s network of street light poles. There may also be a requirement for your place of work to provide charging points too, to allow commuters to charge their car whilst they work.

The race to EV cars continues amidst plenty of uncertainty and the UK public still needs educating according to recent research from Kee Resources. More than half of the public would struggle to describe what a pure electric car is, with many unsure whether they can be used in a car wash, and many more believing that it would cost on average £21.54 to charge a car fully, though in reality, a Nissan Leaf will only cost £3.64 to charge overnight.

"The research shows that there is much confusion and misunderstanding with the British public when it comes to pure electric cars,” said Poppy Welch of Go Ultra Low which commissioned the survey.

"Their drivers benefit from lower running costs, convenient charging and high-performance driving, all while producing no tailpipe emissions and helping to improve local air quality.

"Dispelling these misconceptions and highlighting these perks is therefore vital if we are to see more motorists make the switch to electric motoring."