New July Law Could Limit Your Speed

Sat 16th Jul 2022

Anyone buying a brand new car this month could be amongst the first to be hit by a new law aimed at targeting speeding motorists.

The law, which came into place on July 6, means that every new car sold in the UK must now come with technology which can limit vehicles to the speed. The tech, which monitors a car’s GPS to understand where on the road network a vehicle is, and what the speed limit is, can slow a car down if it is driving too fast.

The technology will be fitted to all cars manufactured in the European Union, and is also being introduced in the UK despite the country leaving the bloc. There is uncertainty as to whether the rules will become law in Britain, with some leading politicians suggesting that we will not follow suit.

“The new speed limiters, which are expected to be introduced on cars that are sold from July 6 2022, will hopefully see new drivers sticking to the recommended speed limits,” said Jonathan White from National Accident Helpline.

“The technology is designed to warn drivers when they are approaching the speed limit.

“If the driver doesn’t slow down, the speed limiter reduces the engine’s power and the vehicle’s speed.”

While the devices are now being fitted into all new cars, the technology doesn’t actually go live until 2024 when the grace period ends.