New Low For Potholes On UK Roads

Wed 19th Jan 2022

British drivers are having to endure bumpier roads journeys than ever before, with new research from the RAC revealing that pothole related breakdowns are at a three-year high.

According to the leading automotive recovery company there are an average of 27 breakdowns per day which are directly related to damage caused by potholes. The RAC marked National Pothole Day earlier this week by revealing their report which shows that they deal with 10,000 pothole breakdowns a year.

The RAC Pothole Index reveals that motorists are one and a half times more likely to break down after hitting a pothole than they were six years ago, clear evidence that the problem is getting much worse. This is backed up by driver experience, with almost half of those surveyed (46%) suggesting that the quality of local roads was a problem in 2021, up from 38 per cent in 2020.

"Potholed roads are a menace, not a mere annoyance – they can cause thousands of pounds of unnecessary damage to drivers’ vehicles, make using our roads uncomfortable and can be a serious road safety hazard for anyone on two wheels,” said Nicholas Lyes from the RAC.

"It is almost entirely avoidable if roads were maintained properly.

"With drivers contributing so much in terms of tax to the Government the very least they deserve are roads that are fit-for-purpose."

While cash-strapped local authorities struggle to maintain their roads, the government continues to promise a cash injection with a Department for Transport spokesman saying: “The Government is providing over £5 billion of investment over this parliament for highways maintenance to local highways authorities across England.

“This is enough to fill millions of potholes a year, repair dozens of bridges, and resurface roads up and down the country.”