New Rules On Car Parks Bring Relief To Drivers

Wed 8th Jan 2020

Fines for entering wrong car registration details when paying for parking are thing of the past after a new code of conduct was introduced this week which favours those who may have made errors.

Previously drivers who made the slightest of errors in entering their details could have seen themselves facing a £100 fine, but ahead of new rules expected to be introduced by the Government later this year, the British Parking Association (BPA) has moved to change the rules. From Monday 6th January drivers who have appealed after entering their details wrong will see their fine cancelled at the first stage.

Steve Clark, BPA’s head of business operations said: “We recognise that genuine mistakes can occur, which may result in a parking charge being issued even when a motorist can demonstrate they paid for their parking. In recognition of this we have further clarified the situation for all parties.

“Motorists will still need to appeal, but we expect our members to deal with them appropriately at the first appeal stage.”

The increase in the use of payment machines and smartphone apps to pay for parking has seen a rise in cases where genuine mistakes are made. Where an error is deemed as ‘major’ and more suspicious, operators can apply a modest charge of £20.

The new BPA code will also see car park operators more lenient with grace periods of 10 minutes introduced for cars which have paid for parking and 5 minutes for those who have only entered the car park before paying for parking.