Nine Out Of Ten Say No To EV

Tue 1st Mar 2022

The electric vehicle revolution stormed through 2021, but there are signs that the rise of EVs could be slowing, with new analysis showing that many motorists are not keen on making the switch to the greener alternative.

In a survey of 2,000 UK drivers, research revealed that nine out of ten drivers would not be swapping their petrol or diesel for an electric motor. The news comes despite changing attitudes to electric vehicles, with ‘range anxiety’ on the wane, and more affordable options in most ranges.

But even though the government has promised a ban on the sale of petrol engines, the survey said that one in six drivers said that there was ‘nothing’ that would them switch and one in seven would not go for an EV until they were told to by the government.

With purse-strings tighter than ever in the current economic climate it is not surprising that 68 per cent of those surveyed saying that the initial cost of an EV was putting them off a purchase.

A lack of public charging points was the second most popular reason for not wanting to turn to EV, with a third saying that if they bought an electric car they would want a free charging point for their home.

"It’s an understandably worrying time for many UK households in regard to the rising cost of living, which means investing in a new vehicle at this point may not be a priority at present,” Vicky Kerridge, whose company commissioned the research.

"We know, finances aside, there are numerous other concerns that could put UK drivers off trading their current vehicle in for one that is more eco-friendly but there has been some massive improvements in the technology, infrastructure and legislation to make electric cars more viable for families in particular.

"The number of public chargers available is increasing rapidly, new build homes will be legally required to have EV charging points from 2022, and the real-world range of new models more than covers the average journey in the UK.

"There are certain aspects of owning an EV that may be less of a concern than you think."