Nissan Brings Energy To North East

Mon 5th Jul 2021

The new electric vehicle hub in the north east of England is set to make Sunderland an industry leader in battery production.

Announced by Nissan last week, with the backing of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the all-new £1 billion gigafactory promises to create 6200 jobs for the region and will play a huge part in the Japanese company investing in a new electric car.

Nicknamed Nissan EV36Zero, the development is set to combine electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery production to ensure the UK does not get left behind in the race for sustainable and greener transport. The facility will also help Nissan meet the ‘rules of origin’ requirement which would have otherwise seen any EV exported to the EU meet strict tariffs.

Speaking about the investment, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "Building on over 30 years of history in the area, this is a pivotal moment in our electric vehicle revolution and securing its future for decades to come.

"Commitments like these exemplify our ability to create hundreds of green jobs and boost British industry, whilst also allowing people to travel in an affordable and sustainable way so we can eliminate our contributions to climate change."

The north east could become a major hub for electric vehicle batteries, with Britishvolt also planning a gigafactory in the region after announcing earlier this year that they will be bringing 3,000 jobs to a former Blyth power station site. The expectation is that they will produce enough batteries to supply 300,000 vehicles a year.