No Car Insurance Laws Are Ludicrous Say Experts

Mon 30th Sep 2019

The cost of owning a car insurance policy is now more than the cost of being fined for not having one according to research revealed this week.

Safety experts are calling for a change in the laws to ensure that the punishment for being caught without insurance is much higher to ensure that drivers cannot cheat the system.

Motorists typically pay on average £485 for a vehicle insurance policy, however the average fine for driving without insurance in 2018 was just £362, which in many cases could lead to some taking a calculated risk.

Though drivers also get six penalty points in addition to a £300 fine when caught, that figure may rise to an unlimited fine or instant disqualification from driving in more serious cases.

According to the Motor Insurer’ Bureau there were 26,000 accidents with uninsured drivers, with around 130 killed every year. There were 150,000 drivers convicted for driving without insurance in 2018, up 63 per cent from 2012, which suggests that drivers are more likely to abuse the system.

David Spencer, research director at Centre for Crime Prevention, said: "It’s ludicrous for the fine to be lower than the cost of insuring a car.

"How can anyone expect people to respect the law if it rewards them for breaking it? Where’s the deterrent?

"Fines must rise and serious or repeat offenders must face mandatory jail sentences."