No McLaren Sale Yet Say Bosses

Wed 17th Nov 2021

One of Britain’s most prestigious automotive brands, McLaren, has moved to squash speculation that it is about to be sold to German car maker Audi.

Reports in the German media surfaced last week which suggested that the iconic supercar and F1 stalwart had already been sold to Audi, but the Woking-based company have been quick to deny the stories, despite acknowledging that they were in discussions with potential partnerships with other car makers.

Audi have hardly helped calm the rumours, the company, which sits under the Volkswagen Group refused to deny the takeover rumour, simply stating that ‘As part of our strategic considerations, we are constantly looking at various co-operation ideas.’

McLaren are keen to forge new partnerships to allow them to develop electric supercars of the future and have already worked with BMW in battery technology for the Artura petrol-electric hybrid - a car that can sprint from 0-60 in three seconds.

Speculation has continued to rumble on this week, but McLaren have now released a statement hoping to kill the Audi sale story.

“McLaren Group is aware of a news media report stating it has been sold to Audi. This is wholly inaccurate and McLaren is seeking to have the story removed,” a spokesman said.

“McLaren’s technology strategy has always involved ongoing discussions and collaboration with relevant partners and suppliers, including other car makers. 

“However, there has been no change in the ownership structure of the McLaren Group.”

McLaren Automotive were formed in 1963 by motorsport pioneer Bruce McLaren and a are name synonymous with F1, having won the constructors championship no less than eight times and seen their driver win the world championship on 12 occasions. 

The McLaren F2 sports car is widely regarded as one of the best supercars ever made, having been launched on to the market in 1992. Only 106 models were ever produced but it had a host of celebrity owners, including current Tesla chief Elon Musk.