No New Tesla Models In 2022 Says Musk

Sat 5th Feb 2022

Tesla fans who were hoping to be able to purchase the Tesla Cybertruck this year will be disappointed to hear that the American brand will not be releasing any new models in 2022.

It appears that the next 12 months will be a period of consolidation for the pioneering EV brand, with supply chain issues and the global semiconductor shortage impacting development of Elon Musk’s company.

Speaking at this week;s earnings call, Tusk admitted that while a production model of the Cybertruck might be available this year, they need to focus on output of their existing models.

“The fundamental focus of Tesla this year is a scaling output,” CEO Musk said.

“If we were to introduce new vehicles, our total ­vehicle output would decrease. This is a very important point that I think people do not logically understand.

“Last year, we spent a lot of ­engineering and management ­resources solving supply-chain ­issues, rewriting code, changing our chips, reducing the number of chips we needed, that was ‘chip drama central’ and that was not the only supply-chain issue. So there’s just hundreds of things and as a result, we were able to grow (output) almost 90%.

“If we actually introduce an additional product, that would then require a bunch of attention and resources on that increased complexity of the additional product resulting in fewer vehicles actually being delivered, and the same is true of this year,” he added.

Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck was launched to a hail of publicity in 2019, with Musk infamously breaking the windows of the prototype with a bowling ball. But while it was slated for a late 2022 release, it may take some time before it hits the road says the Tesla boss. “I worry more about, like, how do we make the Cybertruck affordable,“ he told investors. “There’s a lot of new technology in the Cybertruck that will take some time to work through.”