No Time To Buy

Thu 22nd Sep 2022

A bespoke Aston Martin built especially for the world’s most famous spy is set to go up for auction and is likely to leave bidders shaken not stirred.

The DB5 stunt car is expected receive bids in excess of £2m, a possible record for James Bond memorabilia.

Since the beginning of the James Bond franchise, Aston Martin has been involved in thirteen films. No Time To Die, which was released in 2021,was the first film to feature the DB5 stunt car. It was specially engineered and handcrafted for the film. The DB5 stunt car to be auctioned is one of a few that featured the bespoke gadgets and mock-up damage on the side panels.

The DB5 stunt car is driven by James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Matera, Italy, in an thrilling opening chase sequence in No Time To Die. The DB5 stunt car demonstrates its exceptional dynamic abilities as the pair drive at high speed through the town in an attempt to lose their pursuers. The Matera chase sequence is heavily featured in the film, with James Bond utilizing the motor's concealed machine guns.

The stunt vehicle's modern 3.2-litre straight 6 petrol engine with a manual transmission is used to increase the stunt vehicle's performance. All the body panels are made from carbon fibre, as are the custom interior's Tillett stunt seats. Using an innovative 3D printing approach, the dash was produced with a DB5-style steering wheel and chronograph dials that resemble the original DB5.

Aston Martin Special Projects created a unique suspension and braking system for the DB5 stunt car, guided by special effects supervisor Chris Corbould's demands on set. Because the stunt vehicle required a new suspension and braking system to enable its remarkable performances, Aston Martin Special Projects developed one.

Unfortunately for the winning bidder, the DB5 stunt car will not be legally allowed to drive on the roads.