No UK Return For Mitsubishi

Wed 24th Feb 2021

Despite reports suggesting that Mitsubishi may return to Europe following a partnership with Renault and Nissan to build new cars in France, one of the UK’s biggest former Mitsubishi dealers has said that a return to this country is unlikely.

The Japanese brand announced their intention to become an aftersales brand only last summer, calling an end to a long tradition of economical SUVs on British shores. But after an apparent u-turn in Europe, many were predicting that the Outlander and Shogun could be set for a reprieve. However, that is now unlikely.

“In Europe, and particularly in the UK, the automotive sector is in the midst of a revolutionary period,” said Mitsubishi dealer principal, Nathan Tomlinson.

“You have to remember that things are changing on a global scale too, though. It’s not unreasonable to expect big tactical transformations as a result.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if there was still a Mitsubishi presence in Europe one day in the future. But today, as things stand, I don’t see how this news can alter the path we’re on as dealers in the UK.

“Many of my dealer friends and colleagues have had a very difficult time and have had to make some tough decisions, the same goes for the Colt Car Company.

“This news doesn’t change that, but it remains to be seen whether or not it changes anything in the future.”