Noisy Cars Now Face £100 Fine

Sat 12th Mar 2022

Boy racers beware, a local London authority has installed expensive ‘acoustic cameras’ with the aim of combating noise pollution from supercars and those vehicles which have had engine modifications to make them extra loud.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea installed the £15k cameras last year and they have already been triggered 10,000 times, with 289 cars exceeding 100dBs, the legal limit for cars registered after 2016 is 74dBs.

According to a report published in The Times, the loudest car caught was a Lamborghini driver who clocked an ear-screeching 112.9db. Experts say that prolonged exposure to noise above 85dB can cause permanent hearing damage. Following the success of the Kensington and Chelsea trial, Westminster council have now installed their own scheme and both boroughs are now issuing offenders with £100 penalty notices.

“Residents have made it clear to us that many drivers are using our streets as a racetrack. Piloting new noise camera technology last year has helped us catch more of the worst offenders,” said Cllr Johnny Thalassites of Royal Borough and Kensington Council.

“We are now getting data with cameras in other parts of the borough to see how big this problem is and what more we can do to protect residents and workers from disruptive noise and anti-social driving.

“It's not about punishing ordinary people who are trying to get around the city to do their business. If you're driving in a sensible way, this should not catch you out.”

Cllr Thalassites wants to see an extension of the scheme, and hopes to see fines increased to £400, with councils in Brighton and Manchester also investigating similar schemes.