Nottingham Charged For Wireless Taxis

Wed 6th Jul 2022

In what is being hailed as a UK first, drivers of electric taxis in Nottingham will be able to charge their vehicles wirelessly while they wait for passengers.

The innovative project will see five wireless charging pads installed outside of Nottingham Station, allowing local taxi drivers participating in the scheme to recharge their vehicle while they wait in one of the city’s busiest ranks. 

Nine specially adapted taxis will be used to trial the scheme, five London Electric Vehicle Company and four Nissan Dynamo electric taxis. The cars will drive over the charging equipment and begin charging at a flick of a switch, much in the same way that mobile phones can be charged wirelessly.

Nottingham City Council has been a forerunner for green initiatives, and the city’s fleet of taxis has the highest number of electric cabs outside of London. The city also has an ambition to be carbon neutral by 2028 and has secured £930,000 from the Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles fund.

Without a robust charging infrastructure, electric taxis face logistical problems in ensuring they have enough charge to perform their duties on a daily basis. The council’s Cllr for Environment, Energy and Waste, Sally Longford said: “Nottingham is once again at the forefront of efforts towards a carbon neutral, clean air future.

“This pioneering scheme, at no cost to the council or local taxpayers, could be a real gamechanger in electric vehicle charging and we’ll be keen to find out from cabbies how it’s going and how we might apply wireless charging in the future.”

Wireless charging is being hailed as a major solution to a lack of charging facilities, with more than one trial investigating how chargers might be placed in the road network to charge vehicles as they move.