Now You Can Collect Free Electricity With Your Shopping

Thu 5th Dec 2019

One of the UK’s largest supermarkets is now offering free charging for electric vehicles in partnership with a leading charge-point provider and one of Europe’s biggest car manufacturers.

Tesco’s 100 supermarkets will be providing free EV charging for all, so long as they have an electric vehicle, with estimates suggesting that those who do a 50 minute shop will get more than 1,000 miles of free electricity for their car over the course of a year.

Volkswagen and Pod Point are helping to provide the nation with free charging points, with the promise of an additional 2,000 charge points on the horizon.

"This fantastic partnership with Tesco and Pod Point makes choosing an electric car even more attractive, allowing people to charge for free, all while going about their daily business,” said Geraldine Ingham, head of marketing at Volkswagen UK.

"And the best bit is that this is not just for Volkswagens - the chargers are designed for any electric car owner to take advantage of.

"We are really pleased to help break down any remaining barriers to opting for an electric car."
Volkswagen’s survey of 2,000 motorists has found that 41 per cent are considering leasing or owning an EV as their next vehicle, while the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders figures have shown that sales of EVs have risen by 125 per cent in the last 12 months.