Now You Can Officially Christen Your Fiat 500

Tue 19th Feb 2019

There are many people out there who consider their car an integral part of the family, some even give them names and now, like giving your dog a tag, you can officially give your Fiat 500 a name.

The Fiat 500 has been one of the UK’s most popular cars since being launched more than a decade ago, with some 330,000 of the super-minis being snapped up by British buyers. The Fiat 500 has been a retro-flashback to one of the most stylish Italian vehicles of its generation, but given a modern twist with its wide variety of personalisation options and unique touches. Conservative estimates suggest that there are something like 48,000 different specs of the Fiat 500 on the UK road network and that personalisation is set to go up a level after the Italian car manufacturer announced a scheme of free bumper stickers which will allow owners to name their cars.

Fiat has its own in-house aftermarket personalisation department, called Mopar and they are the team responsible for the innovation which could make Fiat 500s even more unique.

“Personalisation has been a big trend over the last couple of years but Fiat 500 owners have embraced this since day one,” said John McDonald, Fiat’s Mopar man. “By offering them a chance to take this one step further we hope that they will be able to add even more of their personality to their beloved 500.”

If you want to christen your car and give it an official name you have until 30th June to visit the official website and order your named bumper sticker. has a wide range of Fiat 500s to choose from. Get yours today and see it delivered to your door!