Number Plates To Go Green This Autumn

Tue 16th Jun 2020


The UK Government is pressing forward with a controversial new scheme to turn electric car number plates green in order to raise awareness of green energy.

However, the move has been criticised by some industry leaders, who suggest that the green number plates could undermine existing efforts from manufacturers to lower emissions.

The government is committed to hitting zero emissions by 2050, with the promise of ending the sale of combustion engines from 2035, but Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has suggested that this deadline could be brought forward to 2032.

Under the new scheme, all new pure-electric vehicles including cars, vans, taxis, motorcycles, buses, coaches and lorries will be given a green flash on the left hand side of their number plate. Customers will be given the option of opting out, however many will want to showcase they are part of the country’s green revolution.

Grant Shapps said: “From individual drivers, to business fleets, to cities and local authorities, green number plates are an exciting opportunity for drivers to show leadership and visible commitment to the future of the planet.

“They will provide powerful motivation to encourage drivers to shift to cleaner vehicles.
“As we recover from COVID-19, it is clear that we have an unprecedented opportunity to build back greener so that our economy is more sustainable and resilient. We will put a green recovery for transport at the heart of our decision-making, ensuring that we act on our commitment to deliver better air quality to improve people’s health and lower carbon emissions, now and for future generations.”

But Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has given a lukewarm reaction to the move, hinting that jobs could be at threat. He said: “Manufacturers are fully invested in a zero emissions future, with some 60 plug-in models now on the market and 34 coming in 2020. However, with current demand for this still expensive technology still just a fraction of sales, it’s clear that accelerating an already challenging ambition will take more than industry investment.”