On this day in auto history – April 26th

Mon 26th Apr 2021

On this day in 1982, legendary rocker Rod Stewart was the victim of a high-profile carjacking when a gunman stole his custom-made, $50,000 Porsche Turbo-Carrera on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Stewart, who was approaching the parked vehicle with his three-year-old daughter in broad daylight, surrendered his keys to a waiting armed gunman without a struggle. When his assailant couldn’t work out how to start the car, Stewart was promptly frogmarched inside the vehicle at gunpoint to do it for him.

Stewart, who also lost his wallet and shopping items in the attack, moved back to live in the UK shortly afterwards and was later to cite the mugging amid a wider Los Angeles crime spree as his reason for doing so.

The incident wouldn’t be the last time Stewart would have a vehicle stolen. Troubled landscape gardener Donald Smith - miffed at being fired from Stewart’s £10 million Florida estate in 2004 - famously decided to take off with the singer’s yellow Dodge Viper in revenge only to crash it into a nearby canal.