On this day in auto history - August 26th

Thu 26th Aug 2021

It was on this momentous day in 1959 that British Motor Corporation (BMC) launched the original Mini.

Designed by the legendary Alec Issegonis - chief engineer at Morris Motors - the original Mini was a distinctive, diminutive two-door car produced as a response to fuel shortages brought about by the 1956 Suez Crisis.

The new front-wheel car was competitively-priced at around £600 and contained a suspiring amount of space for a such a small-bodied vehicle owing to an engine which was uniquely mounted sideways.

Though slow at the outset, Mini sales strengthened across all of its model lines throughout the 1960’s as it gradually entered into popular culture with well-publicised purchases by film and music stars, including Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Steve McQueen and Britt Ekland.

Easily the best-selling British-made car of all time with well over 5 million units sold, the Mini (now stylised as MINI) has enjoyed a huge resurgence since BMW acquired the iconic marque in 2000.

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