On this day in auto history - August 7th

Sat 7th Aug 2021

It was on this day in 2015 that the body of Argentinian Grand Prix legend, Juan Fangio, was sensationally exhumed in a bid to finally resolve two long-running paternity cases each brought by separate men aged in their 70’s.

Judges ordered the exhumation after former racing driver Oscar Espinoza and fellow Argentinian Ruben Vazquez each filed lawsuits claiming to be the son of the five-time World Champion who died in 1995 having never married or acknowledged any children.

Fangio’s body was removed from a tomb in his birthplace of Balcarce and delivered to a morgue in Buenos Aires where legally-mandated DNA samples were taken.

Four months later, the first results came in and proved that Fangio was indeed the father of 77-year-old Espinoza whose mother was known to have had a lengthy relationship with the racing legend.

Shortly afterwards it was confirmed that Vazquez was also Fangio’s biological son - apparently the result of a brief fling in the 1940’s.

Later court rulings declared that the two half-brothers were each entitled to an equal share of Fangio’s estimated $50 million estate and - having formed a relationship on meeting - both Espinoza and Vazquez have since travelled to Europe together at the invitation of racing groups and life-long Fangio fans.