On this day in auto history - December 28th

Mon 28th Dec 2020

It was on this day in 1983 that movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger - then verging on superstardom after the success of his breakthrough film Conan The Barbarian - was cited in the USA for driving without a licence.

The Austrian-born body-building champion had only just become a U.S citizen when the news broke, following an incident involving his customised Jeep 90 miles outside of Los Angeles.

It turned out Schwarzenegger lost control of the vehicle on a desert highway and rolled down a 40-foot embankment in a collision which caused minor injuries to his future wife, Maria Shriver, a niece of former President John F. Kennedy.

Though Schwarzenegger was cited for driving without a licence, there was no indication he had been drink driving.

Years later, Schwarzenegger - then serving as Governor of California - was, embarrassingly, guilty of the same offence when he was fined for riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle without the required licence.