On this day in auto history - December 30th

Wed 30th Dec 2020

It was on this day in 2002 that superstar singer Diana Ross made worldwide headlines after she was arrested for the drink driving offence which would famously see her end up in jail.

The troubled Motown diva - then 58 -  was pulled over by police in Tucson Arizona after a motorist reported seeing a white Honda Accord driving erratically down a road the wrong way in the early hours of the morning.

Reports later emerged that Ross - who initially denied she had been drinking - was so inebriated she couldn’t recite the alphabet and immediately fell over when asked to stand on one leg. 

Having been released into the custody of a friend, Ross was to later win a court injunction preventing footage of her roadside drink-driving test being shown but she did eventually spend two nights in jail after eventually admitting the charge.