On this day in auto history – June 7th

Mon 7th Jun 2021

It was on this day in 1969 that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards famously cheated death by crashing a remodelled Mercedes after sending it spinning down an embankment due to taking a bend at 70mph in the Sussex countryside.

In a miraculous escape, Richards - who was thrown from the vehicle - sustained only minor injuries in the smash whilst his heavily-pregnant wife, Anita Pallenberg, escaped with nothing more than a broken collarbone.

In his autobiography, Life, Richards attributed his miraculous escape to the strength of the vehicle he was driving - a rumoured ex-Nazi staff car built with armoured steel.

Richards has been no stranger to car crashes throughout his life and suffered an even more high-profile smash in 1976 when falling asleep at the wheel of his Bentley and ramming into a tree.

Even though he had seven passengers in his car - including his seven-year-old son - everyone escaped serious injury, though Richards’ was later prosecuted for drug possession.