On this day in auto history - November 11th

Wed 11th Nov 2020

It was on this day in 1990 that Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood was lucky to escape with his life intact after a terrifying car accident left him with two broken legs.

Returning from a funeral west of London, Wood was a passenger in a BMW driven by his then-wife Jo when the vehicle skidded during a rainstorm and crashed into the opposite lane of an A-road.

Unhurt in the initial collision, Wood panicked and foolishly stepped out of the vehicle in an attempt to direct oncoming traffic around it. However, he was immediately struck by another car, with the impact shattering both his legs.

The musician - 44 and a recovering alcoholic at the time - spent over a week in hospital and three months on crutches after the incident. In his 2007 autobiography, he recalled his brush with death with great clarity... admitting that “my ankles still hurt to this day but - considering what might have been - I’d say it was a small price to pay."