On this day in auto history - November 22nd

Sun 22nd Nov 2020

It was on this day in 1992 that Ford unveiled its much-hyped new ‘world car’, the Ford Mondeo (badged the ‘Contour' in the US) to the media ahead of its sales launch the following spring.

In Europe, the mid-sized vehicle replaced the Ford Sierra which - although highly successful in the UK itself - never quite matched the popularity of its all-conquering predecessor, the Ford Cortina.

At a cost of over $6 billion, the design programme behind the Mondeo was one of the most expensive ever undertaken with new safety features being a high priority. The primary reason for the phenomenal costs was that the Mondeo was essentially a brand-new design, sharing very little with the Sierra.

In Europe, the Mondeo was an instant hit, quickly becoming a class-leader and winning Car of The Year in 1994. For most of the next decade it was the best-selling company car in the UK and is still going strong 25 years (and several face-lifts) later, though sales are significantly lower than it’s late 90’s zenith.

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