On this day in auto history - October 2nd

Sat 2nd Oct 2021

It was on this day in 2010 that Renault caused something of a stir when it unveiled the ground-breaking, ultra-compact vehicle, the Twizy at the Paris Motor Show.

Measuring just 2.32 metres long, the Twizy had an approximate top-speed of 50 mph but a maximum range of less than 60 miles, no windows, and no heater. On top of everything, the Twizy's batteries could not be bought and had to be leased from Renault for a hefty monthly fee.

However, despite its obvious drawbacks and limitations - plus a £6,500 price-tag which some established city cars could get close to - the Twizy quickly became Europe’s best-selling plug-in electric vehicle when it finally went on sale in the spring of 2012.

Though the vehicle remains in production, the Twizy sales boom has never quite materialised with cumulative global sales only just touching 20,000 units six years on, less than 1,000 of those sales coming from the UK.