On this day in auto history - September 6th

Mon 6th Sep 2021

It was on this day in 2004 that car-loving Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay hit the headlines when he was banned from driving after he was clocked overtaking vehicles at 105mph on a notorious A-road in Perthshire.

The hell-raising singer-songwriter - then a big-name in the music world - was disqualified from driving for six months after Sheriff Robert McCreadie labelled his conduct “entirely unacceptable”, dismissing protestations from Jay Kay’s lawyers who claimed the popstar needed his licence so that he could have “respite” from a busy professional life.

Jay Kay had been no stranger to driving offences, racking up a string of speeding fines, and famously picking up an earlier ban in 1998 when he was clocked doing 111mph on the M40 in a Ferrari to allegedly prevent a female stalker from burning his house down!

Famed for his love of fast and classic cars, Jay Kay - armed with a personal fortune of over £60 million - has amassed one of the largest and most enviable motoring collections in all of show business, owning everything from classic Ferraris and Porsches to vintage Aston Martins.