One Careful Owner, One Million Miles On The Clock

Mon 28th Nov 2022

Next time you worry about the mileage on the clock for a potential car purchase, consider that there is no hard and fast rule about how long a car can stay on the road.

New research from online repair mechanic ClicMechanic has found that there are some vehicles in the UK that have gone far beyond what might reasonably be expected. By studying DVSA data, the firm found some astonishing results.

A surprising winner is the durable Citroen Xsara has set the record for the car still on the road with the most miles – an incredible 999,994 miles.

Other cars to get close one million miles on the clock include, a Mercedes C Class, two LDV Maxus vans, a Vauxhall Corsa, a pair of Range Rovers, a VW Golf, a Citroen C3, and a Honda Civic.

“Most people swap their cars well before they reach six figures on the odometer,” said ClicMechanic founder Andrew Jervis.

To see so many on this list with nearly a million miles on the clock is staggering. The more popular models – Vauxhalls, Volkswagens and Fords – are more likely to appear due to the sheer weight of numbers produced.

“But that shouldn’t take away from the fact they are reliable motors that have served people well for so many years. There are also a few surprises.

“The MG ZT hasn’t rolled off the production line since 2005, while Audi TTs will also raise a few eyebrows as they are not really seen as workhorses.”

A motorist will cover 750,000 miles in their lifetime, which is equivalent to driving from the moon back to the moon and back again.