One In Five Cars To Electric By 2025

Wed 18th Aug 2021

Garages and mechanics are being warned to prepare themselves to deal with more and more electric vehicles, with analysis from one of the UK’s biggest aftermarket intelligence companies suggesting that EV uptake is faster than anticipated.

GiPA have been providing expert research and reports to the industry since 1986 and have a well established car parc forecast tool which forecast that electrified passenger cars will account for between 19 to 21 per cent of the market by 2025. Though this one in five scenario will also include hybrids, it still represents a different challenge for many mechanics who are accustomed to combustion engines. Earlier this year the Institute of the Motor Industry also warned that the current UK workforce lacks the training to cope with the anticipated EV demand, particularly if a petrol and diesel ban comes into force by 2030. The IMI said that only 5 per cent of garages have the qualifications to work on electric vehicles.

GiPA however are warning that the entire aftersales market will have to move quicker to adapt to EVs.

Quentin Le Hetet, GiPA UK director, said: “It is becoming essential for aftermarket players of all kinds to integrate electrified vehicles into their medium to long term business plans.

"They need to understand how this will affect them, and what their response should be to this new segment in terms of equipment, staff, and training.

"It’s equally important for them to remember that traditional ICE cars will continue to be a significant part of the market after 2030.”