One In Five Is Schoolside Speeder

Wed 2nd Mar 2022

Shocking new analysis at a school in England has found that 21 per cent of vehicles passing a school in Maidenhead were travelling above the speed limit.

The study, which was carried out by motor insurer Churchill found that of the 83,000 vehicles that passed Oldfield Primary School, some 17,000 were travelling in excess of the 30mph speed limit. The analysis found that of those that were breaking the speed limit, the average speed was 34.1mph, which increases the stopping distance of vehicles by 11.4 metres.

The average speed of all cars was 14 per cent over the speed limit according to the Churchill, with stopping distances increasing significantly for vehicles which only creep slightly over the 30mph speed limit. Signs outside of schools regularly remind drivers to lower their speed limits, with most having temporary speed limits of 20mph during school drop-off and pick-up times. Even the speed limit of 30mph had a stopping distance of 46.7 metres, which increases even further in wet conditions.

“The findings are extremely concerning given drivers are using roads where lots of young children will be crossing and it is often hard to see around parked cars,” said Nicholas Mantel, Head of Churchill Motor Insurance.

“Driving over the speed limit, even by the slightest amount, can have a serious impact on braking distances.

“Young children don't always have the best road safety awareness and may run out from between parked cars, so if a car was travelling above the speed limit when this happened, it may not be able to stop in time, leading to a tragic accident.”