One In Four Brits Ready To Go Electric

Sat 24th Apr 2021

The UK government may have put a deadline on the sale of petrol and diesel cars, but the car buying public are ahead of the curve on their philosophy and are ready to make the leap within the next five years.

While Boris Johnson hopes to see us all driving EVs by 2030, a new survey by Volkswagen Financial Services has found that 23 per cent of Brits are keen to own an EV by 2026.

With responses from more than 2,000 car buyers, the survey also demonstrated that the younger generation are more likely to embrace the electric revolution, with 32 per of people under the age of 45 more likely to be driving an EV, compared to 18 per cent of those over the age of 45. The same research found that men (28%) are most likely to make the move for an EV than women (19%). The South East of England is seen as the most likely region to be powering their cars with volts rather than fossil fuels.

“The Government has said it will ban the sale of diesel and petrol engine cars by the end of the decade, which provides a clear timescale for manufacturers, retailers, and finance providers to make the switch to electric vehicles for motorists as convenient and desirable as possible,” said Mike Todd, CEO at Volkswagen Financial Services.

“It’s fascinating to see that one in five people are likely to invest in a car charging point at home in the next five years, which signals a clear direction of travel towards more widespread adoption of electric vehicles.”