One In Three Taking This Deadly Driving Risk

Mon 22nd Mar 2021

British drivers are continuing to risk the lives of themselves and other roads users by using their mobile phones to text and take calls behind the wheel says new analysis.

Data published by Rooster Insurance found that 34 per cent of drivers admitted they had used their phone to type messages and take calls, while 17 per cent had used their mobile to check a message or notification. Shockingly the same research found that one in ten drivers had used their mobile device out of boredom, and five per cent admitted that it was a habit.

These behaviours remain prevalent on UK roads, despite the punishments rising over the last 12 months to a £200 fine and up to six penalty points for using your mobile phone.

Rooster also found that it wasn’t just mobile phone use which was making Britain’s roads dangerous, with many drivers also admitting that they tailgated, drove while tired and nine per cent of those surveyed even admitted that they put on their make-up while behind the wheel.

“Some of the riskiest driving behaviours our data has flagged up are to be expected and there are laws in place to deter people from doing them,” said Rooster Insurance founder Richard Tucker.

“But there were a number of surprising things on the list which are perfectly legal, and as a result many will be exhibiting completely innocently.

"Surprising things like heavy braking, driving when tired or late at night may not seem unsafe, but they can significantly increase the risk of an accident and aren’t worth the risk.

“Be sure to avoid any distractions in the car and drive at a time when you feel awake and alert.

“If you need to check your phone or make an urgent call, pull over at the side of the road in a safe place.

“This will allow you to focus solely on the task in hand instead of dangerously trying to juggle using your phone and concentrating on the road at the same time.”