Oxford Charging-Station To Be Europe’s Most Powerful

Tue 25th May 2021

The classic English city of Oxford may be more famous for its academics, the boat race and Inspector Morse, but it is soon to be home to the most powerful charging hub in Europe.

The so-called Energy Superhub has been built by Fastned, in partnership with Pivot Power, Oxford City Council with support from Tesla and Wenea. The 10MW site will offer rapid charging facilities for a large number of vehicles, giving wider choice and access to the growing number of electric vehicle owners.

The Superhub differs from many other charging stations in that it plugs directly into the national grid and will be capable of offering 100 per cent renewable energy duo to onsite solar energy storage. The facility will be able to service 14 vehicles at a time, in addition to a further 12 Tesla Superchargers, and 16 more chargers offering lower wattage options from Wenea.

Matt Allen, CEO at Pivot Power, said: “Our goal is to help the UK accelerate net zero by delivering power where it is needed to support the EV and renewable energy revolution. Oxford is one of 40 sites we are developing across the UK, combining up to 2GW of battery storage with high volume power connections for mass EV charging.

“Energy Superhub Oxford supports EDF’s plan to become Europe’s leading e-mobility energy company by 2023, and is a blueprint we want to replicate right across the country, working hand in hand with local communities to create cleaner, more sustainable cities where people want to live and work.”

Councillor Tom Hayes, from Oxford City Council, added: "For Oxford to go zero carbon by 2040, we need to electrify a lot more of our transportation. As an innovative city embracing technologies and change, Oxford is the natural home for the UK's largest public EV charging hub."