Paris Hilton and Rory McIlroy Reveal Startling Driving Similarities On The Grand Tour

Wed 7th Feb 2018

One drives golf balls, the other quite probably drives you mad, but golfer Rory McIlroy and celebrity air-head Paris Hilton share something in common and it’s related to what they do behind the wheel.

The duo both star in the latest episode of the Amazon’s Grand Tour and reveal alarming details about their first cars – and how they crashed them!

“When I was a little girl, my grandfather had a Rolls Royce golf cart and a Bentley one, so my sister and I decided that we wanted to race them," Hilton said on the TV show.

“[We] were going around the pond and of course we were going so fast that I smashed the Rolls into this huge rock. We just totalled!

“We were so scared we just ran away and then later, my grandad’s like ‘where’s my Rolls? I want to go golfing right now.”

Unsurprisingly, McIlroy’s car disaster also involved a golf course. The Ulsterman said: “I had a [BMW] 1 Series as my first car…I’d just passed my test…It didn’t go so well.

“I nearly actually went through the front door of the golf club.

“Hit a big, high kerb, bent the steering axle and I literally had to drive it like this to keep it straight for the five miles I went home!”

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