Parking Changes To Hit Millions

Mon 31st Aug 2020

A review of parking across the UK aimed at rogue firms handing out unfair and rip-off parking tickets could also introduce plans to ban parking on pavements.

The new rules have been introduced by Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick, who has said that the changes are intended to punish those firms who use aggressive tactics and intimidation to enforce fines. With many NHS hospital car parks operated by private firms, it is hoped that the system will fairer to those who make genuine mistakes.

“These new measures are a victory for millions of motorists,” Jenrick said. “They will put a stop once and for all to rogue parking firms using aggressive tactics and handing out unfair parking tickets with no right to appeal, while also boosting our high streets by making it easier for people to park near their local shops without being unfairly fined. 

“Our proposals will restore common sense to the way parking fines are issued, while cracking down on the worst offenders who put other people in danger and hinder our emergency services from carrying out their duties.”

But while private parking cowboys being in the firing line will be welcome, the news that parking on pavements is also under scrutiny will be a worry for many who are forced to pavement park on narrow streets. The government claims that pavement parking traps disabled elderly and vulnerable people. But the AA suggests that a blanket ban should not be used as a cash cow for councils.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the motoring body, said: “Local authorities should make a street-by-street assessment and where pavement parking is allowed, markings should show how much pavement can be used. 

“While councils have always had the powers to tackle problem parking, it would be typical if the only time they act is when there is fines income to be had from it.”