Parking Ticket Guru Reveals Secrets

Thu 28th Jul 2022

One of the UK’s leading aficionados on how to avoid a parking fine has spoken out, giving his key advice to the millions of drivers who have been unlucky enough to be hit with a parking ticket.

While the government drags its feet on issuing a Code of Practice to crackdown on private car parking firms, thousands of drivers are still being hit by fines of up to £100 for leaving their car in a ‘prohibited’ space. The crackdown was supposed to see the maximum fine reduced to £50 but legal action from the leading car park firms has put a block on the legislation.

Now Tony Taylor, owner of the Appeal Your Ticket website has spoken out with his top tips on avoiding the fines. Taylor claims to have appealed more than 7,600 tickets for clients in the last six years, and has only lost 656 of those appeals.

“You would be surprised how many people pay their parking ticket without even appealing because it just frightens them, especially a lot of the elderly”, Taylor told the Sun newspaper.

His key advice relates to the ‘Notice of Keeper’ letters many parking companies will send out, if that letter fails to quote Protection of Vulnerable Adults then you are already one step ahead of the cowboy firms.

He said: “Private firms must issue a notice to keeper within 14 working days of the alleged contravention. If they go over 15-16 days, straight away you do not have to name the driver.

“Windscreen tickets have got 56 days to issue a notice to keeper, but with ANPR, they must issue a notice to keeper within 14 working days.

“Most of the public don’t understand this and will pay it regardless.”

Tony’s main advice is to check the small print on any court papers and to phone the companies up to explain events.