Party Over For Fiesta

Tue 21st Jun 2022

Ford Motor Group have taken the decision to pull production on one of their most popular cars, the Ford Fiesta due to pandemic related supply-chain issues.

The Fiesta regularly appears at the top of the annual sales charts in the UK, but it is unlikely to threaten even the top ten this year after a number of issues impacted production.

Many car brands have slowed their production process in the wake of the post-pandemic fallout, with a shortage of semiconductors globally hitting the industry hard. The small microchips are a vital component in most touchscreen and infotainment systems, but lockdowns in China over the last two years have seen a short supply.

Ford had already taken the Focus off the market, and have now added the Fiesta to that list, with no sales currently available in the UK, a short statement on the company website says: ‘Due to customer demand and supply chain disruption, new factory orders are currently unavailable on the new Fiesta.’

However, the same message is also true for the Focus, S-Max, Galaxy MPVs, while ‘ordering is currently limited for the innovative Mustang Mach-E.

According to a statement released to the Press Association, the reasoning for the halt on the Fiesta is that current customer orders make up six months of production.

“We are therefore temporarily suspending new Fiesta orders while we work through these customer orders,” the statement continued.

“As we manage our way through the global semiconductor shortage, production of Fiesta and Focus have been significantly affected. We feel the right thing to do is to temporarily close the order banks to new orders while we work through this backlog.”

Ford fans who want a new car can still purchase the Puma and the Kuga, which are the second and seventh most popular cars in the UK.