Pavement Parking Ban On Its Way?

Sun 21st Feb 2021

Motorists who park their cars up a kerb or on a pavement could soon find themselves facing a hefty fine, with the UK government currently weighing up a consultation which took place in late 2020.

The Department for Transport has confirmed this week that the results of that consultation will be published very soon and that the current pavement parking ban in London could be extended across the country, with local authorities likely to be given the powers to fine drivers who break the rules.

The plan is designed to make it easier for prams and those in wheelchairs to better access pavements, while also preventing damage to roads, however many will see it as another way for councils to tax the public, with some residents given no option but to park their car up a kerb to allow traffic down the street.

 “A national pavement parking prohibition would be the most significant change to English parking law in several decades, and local authorities would need to undertake a substantial amount of work to prepare for it,” said the DfT report.

““In many areas pavement parking is essential, so it is important that it should continue to be allowed where this is the case.

“Each local authority would need to survey their road network, identify areas where pavement parking is routine, determine where it remains necessary, pass resolutions to permit it, and place traffic signs and bay markings to inform drivers where pavement parking is still permitted.”

One of the options available to councils will be to impose legal notices in certain areas, which will give them the flexibility to show common sense in areas where it is impossible not to park on the pavement.