Petrol Stations Not Playing Fair Says RAC

Sat 30th Jul 2022

The cost of oil may have fallen significantly in the last two weeks, but that has not been reflected on the petrol stations of the UK says the RAC.

The motoring organisation has warned that only one in ten retailers has reduced their petrol and diesel prices to a price which reflects the true price of fuel. A recent study by the RAC found that just 407 of the 4,5000 forecourts were charging a fair price, and the analysis found that supermarkets are no longer leading the way in charging the most affordable prices.

Traditionally larger supermarket brands have charged 4p under the average fuel price, but they are currently only selling at 1p below the national average, and the RAC has said that the best prices can now be found at local independent fuel retailers.

“The days of fuel ‘price wars’ – where the supermarkets simultaneously cut their prices and made a big deal of doing so – appear to be well and truly over”, said Simon Williams, RAC spokesman.

“Last month, the cost of filling a typical 55-litre family-sized car with petrol rose by a record £9.12, with diesel just behind at £8.59.”

“For a car that does 40 miles to the gallon, that means it costs a driver around 22p for every mile they drive – up from around 16p at the start of the year.

“In this most expensive of summers, drivers need all the help they can get to keep their spending down so we applaud those retailers who are doing the right thing for their customers and charging a fair price for petrol and diesel, more in line with the lower wholesale costs.”

Whereas previously it would be a given than you would get a fair price while filling up at the same time as doing your shopping, now more than ever it is advisable to visit websites such as, use loyalty schemes and make sure you always fill up 50 miles before your tank is dry so that you are not forced to fill up at the nearest (not cheapest) station.

“Few retailers seem to be willing to price their fuel fairly,” the RAC report continued.

“Drivers who fill up at supermarket forecourts have every right to feel let down that they are being charged well over the odds for petrol and diesel right now.”