Petrol Stocks Return To Normal

Thu 21st Oct 2021

The panic-buying fuel shortage experienced across the UK in late September is now officially over after the government confirmed that nationwide stocks had returned to some of their highest levels seen in 2021.

The crisis reached its peak on Friday 24 September according to data published by the Department for Business, with a total of 35,937 litres sold, that compares with just 11,800 litres sold nationally last Sunday.

The surge of fuel buying lead to shortages across many areas of the country, with London seeing stocks fall to just 42 per cent at the end of September, while nationally the situation saw fuel supplies fall to 45 per cent, but the most recent week saw levels at 83 per cent nationally a return to pre-pandemic levels, rated as ‘above average’.

“This decrease was driven by a significant drop in demand in London, the south-east and the south of England,” said the Department for Statistics. “In all other regions in England, and Scotland and Wales, average sales either increased or remained stable when compared to the previous week.”

With many car owners reacting to the panic and stockpiling their usual fuel intake, the fuel companies said in September that they expected demand to return to normal levels and that seems to have levelled out over the last fortnight.

“As many cars are now holding more fuel than usual, we expect that demand will return to its normal levels in the coming days, easing pressures on fuel station forecourts. We would encourage everyone to buy fuel as they usually would,” said the statement from the fuel suppliers.