PHEVs Get Sent To Coventry

Wed 16th Dec 2020

Drivers of plug-in hybrids vehicles are best off in the East Midlands city of Coventry if they are looking for somewhere to recharge their car according to new research.

Data published by Jeep this week found that drivers in Coventry currently have one charging device available for every 2.3 registered plug-in car owners, compared to one to every 15 on average in the UK.

Coventry is the best place on mainland Britain, but the overall title goes to the Outer Hebrides, with the small Scottish island having one charger for every 2.13 cars.

Damien Dally, Jeep country manager, said: “The UK’s charging infrastructure is improving every day and it’s great to see charging devices popping up across the country.

“Sales of plug-in hybrids are up by almost 90% this year as motorists look for a more sustainable way of driving around.”

Jeep’s research also revealed that 79 per cent of motorists believe that the Government should be investing more in improving the public charging infrastructure, and a further 76 per cent believe that there should be more money spent on on-street charging.

Dally said: “Our research shows the public is supportive of the move towards electric vehicles, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that those who have made the switch are more in favour of the transition.

“With 71% of petrol, diesel and hybrid drivers covering fewer than 30 miles per day on average, a plug-in hybrid would give them the benefit of zero emission driving while providing the comfort of a petrol engine to fall back on for longer journeys as well."