Tutor Explains Bad Postures For Driving

Tue 20th Jul 2021

A leading clinician has revealed that the way we sit when we drive our car could lead to major problems with back pain and that putting your arm out of the window to get a tan in the hot weather could lead to chronic injuries.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Victoria Joyce, a clinical tutor at Liverpool Hope University, has said simple things like where you place your hands on a steering wheel can lead to long-term problems.

Lower back pain (LBP) is one of the chief problems suffered by those who drive a lot and Victoria believes that making small changes to our posture when driving can help reverse any damage.

The clinical has given a list of tips to make driving a less painful experience, these include sitting up straight, not overreaching for the pedals, having your hands at ten to two on the steering wheel, not sticking your elbow out of the window and most important of all in this hot weather, staying hydrated.

“Commuting to work, or long journeys in general, can be really unhelpful when an individual is sitting in the same position for a prolonged period of time,” Victoria said on dailymail.co.uk

“There can be a number of factors at play - from the make of the car, to the set-up of the cabin, to the position the individual adopts while driving. 

“Having your seat pushed back too far, for example, not sitting at the correct height, or even resting your elbow on the window ledge while holding the steering wheel, could all actually lead to painful irritations.

“It's even more of a problem if you drive for a living, where habitually-compromised posture, combined with inactivity and the potential for unhealthy eating, could all contribute to potential health and injury issues.”