Planning A Christmas European Vacation?

Mon 28th Nov 2022

UK motorists planning to drive to Europe over the coming weeks for the Christmas holidays have been warned that must familiarize themselves with the road rules or they may face fines.

While we may think that simply driving on the other side of the road is the one and only rule we have to consider when planning a road trip, there are some crazy and some obvious guidelines to consider.

Many European countries, including Germany, Turkey, and Iceland, require drivers to have winter tyres. Because there is little snow in Central Europe, less traction is required on the roads than in countries like Sweden or Finland. Studded tyres are banned there.

Drivers in Belgium who encounter extreme weather conditions are granted exceptions only on vehicles up to 3,500kg. Studded tyres can be used by drivers in Switzerland, but they are not allowed on motorways. It's also the only European country where snow chains are not allowed.

In terms of tyre tread, 3mm is the legal minimum tread depth in most European countries. In areas of increased snow, driving in steep mountain areas may require mandatory snow chains.

Drivers in Liechtenstein must always carry snow chains and obey road signs telling them when to use them.

Speaking to the Daily Express Simon Mawdlsey, Co-Founder of Grand Prix Grand Tours said you could b stopped by the police in Belarus for not having a clean car. He said: “In certain countries, you may even get into trouble for the condition that your car is in.

“And we’re not just talking about the broken lights or malfunctioning windscreen wipers.”

Some countries are very specific in what they want you to have to hand whilst you’re driving in their territories and, in comparison, having to prove that you have a spare pair of glasses may not seem nearly as strict.”

“As a general tip, breakdown kits are also required in some European countries so ensuring that you have one of these to hand at all times is a necessity.”