Plates Go Green For EV

Fri 28th Aug 2020

Nissan electric cars will now receive a distinctive green marker to allow them to stand out on the road.

Ahead of a proposed switch to all EV cars having a green number plate in the autumn, as part of a Department of Transport initiative, Nissan are pre-empting things and ensuring those who buy an electric vehicle now still get the recognition for lowering emissions.

With many local authorities driving zero-emission policies such as free parking and ULEZ zones, the green number plates will make it easier for EVs to be identified and benefit from any initiatives. 

A Nissan spokesman said: “We think the introduction of the green numberplates is a great idea. Anything that encourages electric vehicle use is to be encouraged and the new plates will prove incredibly useful in terms of raising awareness of the benefits of emission-free motoring.”

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, pure electric vehicles took a 4.7 per cent share of the market for the first seven months of 2020, compared to one per cent for the same period last year.

The move to green number plates has been met with scepticism in some quarters, with many suggesting that electric cars will soon be the norm and buyers don’t need gimmicks to make the switch.

“It seems a shame, therefore, that the green number plate seeks to introduce an element of difference into a market where it’s not required,” said Jim Holder from What Car? magazine.

“Electric vehicles are set to become the norm in the short-term, so why make them stand out as an oddity this way?”