Polestar To Create Video Stars

Tue 8th Mar 2022

Instagram influencers who dread the thought of having to drive their car as it limits their opportunities to take lifestyle photos will be delighted at the forthcoming release from Swedish car firm, Polestar.

The EV arm of Volvo have revealed plans for an innovative new convertible roadster which could be on British roads by 2025, and comes complete with its own drone to film the ultimate car selfie for those who cannot spend longer than five minutes without being filmed.

The Polestar O₂ promises a new era for sports cars, with the brand keen to tackle rivals Tesla with a combination of performance and fun. 

The drone, which will be launched out of the back of the car, when travelling at speeds of up to 56mph and will film the driver in action. In a statement to unveil the new car, Polestar said: “In a world increasingly driven by social media, the Polestar O₂ features an autonomous cinematic drone integrated behind the rear seats.

“The drone operates autonomously, automatically following the car at speeds up to 90km/h (56mph), and the driver can choose between an atmospheric sequence – great for a coastline cruise – or a more action-filled sequence with a sportier expression.

“After filming, the drone can autonomously return to the car. Video clips can be edited and shared directly from the 15-inch centre display when the car is parked.”

The Polestar O₂ roadster has taken its design smarts from the previously seen Polestar Precept prototype, which will be on the road in 2024 as the Polestar 5 4-door GT. Both the roadster the the GT will be developed in the UK by a team a 280 specialist engineers based in Coventry.

“We wanted to emphasise the experience you can have with a car like the Polestar O₂ in new and unusual ways,” said Polestar’s head of design Maximilian Missoni.

“Integrating an autonomous cinematic drone was something that allowed us to push the boundaries on the innovation front. Not needing to stop and off-load the drone before filming, but rather deploying it at speed, is a key benefit to this innovative design.”