Poll Reveals Brits Hate A Tight Spot

Thu 14th Apr 2022

British motorists would rather walk an extra 10 minutes to get an accessible parking spot rather than try and complete a difficult parking manoeuvre according to a new survey which looks at the most stressful elements of driving a car.

Almost 50 per cent of those polled in the report by AppyParking+ said that parking their beloved vehicle was the worst part of driving. The survey also found that a lack of parking information is a bugbear of many motorists, with one in three concerned that there is never enough warning of parking restrictions in areas.

Parallel parking remains the biggest fear of British drivers, with more motorists rating it the most difficult element of parking, whilst we also dread parking on busy streets and any roads with restrictions. In order to gain a free parking spot we would happily travel five more minutes in our car, or add a ten-minute walk onto our journey.

Despite these concerns, a surprisingly high 62 per cent of those polled rated themselves as goo parkers, even if more than three out of four people were annoyed by the bad parking of other motorists.

“We know people can find parking stressful, as the research has shown, especially in busy cities with many restrictions and zones and costly parking charges,” said Dan Hubert, CEO of AppyParking+.

“It’s been interesting to see the varying approaches to parking, as highlighted in our quiz too.

"We encourage people to get public transport when and where they can – which not only removes the parking stress completely, but reduces car emissions, which is better for the environment.

“When this isn’t possible, doing your parking research before you head off can help save time, mileage and pounds, helping to remove the rush and panic to find a space in unfamiliar or busy areas.”