Potholes In UK Roads Are Causing Nearly £1billion Of Damage

Sun 25th Mar 2018

Potholes in UK roads are costing drivers, with 8.2 million damaging their cars in the last two years as a result of driving over a hole in the road.

Seven out of ten drivers said that they hit at least one pothole a week, but more worryingly, a quarter ride over one every day, according to a survey by Kwik Fit.

The bill for UK motorists is now close to £1billion, up 34 per cent on the same survey two years ago.

The Kwik Fit survey revealed that the roads in the North West are worst.

Meanwhile the Asphalt Industry Alliance has conducted a similar survey, which has found that one in five local roads are structurally poor, a 20 per cent rise in 12 months.

With local councils finding it increasingly hard to maintain the state of the nation’s roads, some drivers admit that they are changing their route to work to avoid the worst holes. One in eight drivers now drive a longer route than the most direct journey, as it has better road surfaces. This may save on actual damage to the car, but adds unnecessary wear and tear to roads and vehicles, as well as the additional fuel costs.